Order Service

We are happy to accept orders for our products from you directly.
Please note that for legal reasons we can only deliver directly to pharma wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals.

All of our products are available exclusively in pharmacies; as a patient, please consult your doctor or a public pharmacy.

As registered customer, you can of course contact us with any questions or complaints, we will find a solution together.

Our experienced employees are available to assist you
Mon – Thu from 8 am – 4 pm and Fri from 8 am – 1 pm:

Martina Eisenkölbl
m.eisenkoelbl et sigmapharm.at
Tel.: +43-(0)1-330 06 71-23

Gabriela Schlegl
g.schlegl et sigmapharm.at
Tel.: +43-(0)1-330 06 71-43

Melitta Schnedl
m.schnedl et sigmapharm.at
Tel.: +43-(0)1-330 06 71-36